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FAQ’s for Svaraveda the Science of Music therapy

What is Svaraveda?

Svaraveda is the science of using music and musical elements for healing purposes.

What is music?

Music is combination of Feelings, Melody and Rhythm which means Bhava, Raga and Tala

What is Music therapy?

Music therapy is to emotionally heal, rejuvenate and reverse the disease conditions through the right type of Music prescribed.

Is it Possible to heal through Music?

Yes. Willful submission to the prescribed melody described in our ancient Svara Veda helps us to heal emotionally.

Is there any reference to music therapy in our ancient medical system?

Yes. Charaka Samhita, Ayurvedic medical text gives reference and recommendations to music therapy.

Do I have to have the knowledge of Music to join the courses you offer?

No. You should be a music lover.

How do these music therapy courses help me?

The courses are designed to live music, love music and heal with music in your day to day routine.

Can I help others with this knowledge?

Yes you can suggest the right type of melody and the right time depending upon the person’s mental condition and ailment.

Can I practice music therapy at home?

Yes after attending the course you would pick and choose the relevant music yourself from the YouTube or any other source would enjoy as you will be taught during the course to live music along with your day to day chores.

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